Our Vision

Universal Forex Dojo aims to bring out knowledgeable, independent and free thinking traders who will become profitable as they take on the market.

Our Mission

Universal Forex Dojo is dedicated to reaching individuals of different financial classes, race and demographics. We aim to educate them as efficiently and effectively

as possible to make a positive financial impact through patience, persistence and dedication

Our Values

We believe in delivering well researched, tested and quality material above and beyond the standard that is available in the market.

"If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, take a team with” African Proverb


Uni Forex Dojo was established in 2019 as an extension to share knowledge and trading skills with the world. We primarily focus on exposing, teaching, and enabling the masses in multiple countries with various backgrounds about Forex and CFD trading. 

We believe every interested individual should not struggle to access the Forex Trading environment. This is the reason we offer Free Forex Trading Signals on our public Telegram channel. It is often easier to learn practically than only relying on courses or webinars that don't share practical live sessions. 

Our name is derived from a Japanese dojo, whereby training and meditation take place. The founder specifically intended it to have 2 meanings. The dojo meaning the place to study and doji which is a form of a candlestick pattern in Forex trading.

We primarily focus on teaching Forex instruments and secondly, we offer a service as an add-on whereby we show students how to trade CFD's of companies listed in major markets. 

Easy, cost effective & convenience is our primary focus to reach the masses.

We have the following packages on sale: 

Through continuous research and updates following the latest market trends, we aim to deliver a quality and superior package to our students.


We strongly agree that great minds working together will bring forth greatness to any endeavor. Thus we strive to learn from the best minds we have access to. 


We are an organization that challenges the norm, this demands innovative thinking which leads to disrupting the market for the benefit of consumers.