Copy-trading has recently gained fame in the Forex trading world. It has sparked interest with the general public who want to participate in this trillion dollar a day market but don't have the time or skills to do so with minimal risk.


What if I told you, you can have over 10 professional forex traders in your household 24/hours a day, 5 days a week working for you at a fraction of the cost?

We have spent a tremendous amount of resources to handpick the best Forex, Indice & Commodity traders, who possess tremendous experience & trade with exceptional risk management strategies yielding amazing results. 

We have packaged all their skills & ours into one system, not a ROBOT but a system that completely copies all trades we take into your trading account in real-time which you control.

What this essentially means is that the same profits and losses we incur on a daily basis will be replicated in your account.


For example: If we collectively yield +23% for the month, then your account will also yield the same. 

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If you are new to Forex trading or simply looking for an alternate stream of income our Advanced Copy Trading System is the best solution you can go with​


Advanced Copy Trading System

The Universal Forex Dojo Advanced Copy Trading System is an all-inclusive trading system aimed at helping people earn big profits in the Forex market.


It is an ideal choice for those wanting to invest their money in the Forex market but have limited time or skills to do so.

Our system allows you to access trading opportunities without any technical skills or investing a lot of your time. Any individual with capital can copy our trades in real-time.


You don't need to go through any training to get started with our advanced copy trading system.

Although the Forex market is the most profitable market with never-ending opportunities, only a few people succeed in making profits consistently.


The reason why most people fail in Forex Trading is that they don’t have the right knowledge or tools to devise an effective trading strategy. This is where our copy trading system comes in.

Copy Trading aka social trading is a safe way to automate your trading. It allows you to copy the trades of other expert traders in the market. Therefore, it is often used by novices who are getting started in the Forex industry.


We at Universal Forex Dojo have a special system to monitor and rank our strategy partners based on their performance. So when you’re trading using our advanced copy trading system, you can rest assured that our goals are aligned.


The only financial interest we have is ensuring you are profitable & keep using our platform.

Why you should be Copy-Trading?

  • The Best Copy System on the Market

  • Exceptional Risk to Reward Ratio

  • Consistent and Profitable

  • Great way to build passive income or primary income.

  • You have total control of your account, Scale up or down, increase or reduce risk.

  • Reap rewards the experts do.

  • You do not need to spend time on charts.

  • Limit potential losses.

  • The exceptional risk to reward ratio.

  • Opt-out anytime you want

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