The Universal
Crypto Farm
(Pty) Ltd

About Us

The Universal Crypto Farm is an extension of our Forex Trading platform which has been operational since 2018. The platform is managed and run by highly skilled Funded forex traders who emphasize risk management and a process-driven approach to the market. 

The head trader Master_FxShfu runs a daily youtube live analysis stream that focuses on presenting opportunities that can be taken advantage of on the global markets. 

The focal point of this project is to penetrate the mining industry as strategically as possible in order to exploit the weakness presented to increase profitability and longevity in the industry. 

Find out more about the dojo on the link below.

Mission Statement

The Universal Crypto Farm (Pty) Ltd is a start-up cryptocurrency mining farm. We focus on mining the most profitable algorithms in the market. 

Our primary objective is to operate a 60+ GHs/80 rig cryptocurrency mining farm as efficiently as possible in the next 12 months which will ultimately set us on track to being one of the largest green cryptocurrency mining plants in Africa by year 5 with a 300+ Rig operation. 

We anticipate reachine a 1000+ operation once we reach the optiomal funding support available. 


The future is digital.

Foundation Phase

This is the start up phase whereby we aquire and start the farm. The business will focus only on laying the foundation for positive cashflow ready for the next phase.

Growth Phase

We will direct all resources to expand and reinvest in our off-grid location, in order to increase profitability and sustainability.

Maturity Phase

We will be fully off-grid with a self-sufficient plant that is environmentally green and reinvesting in itself.

Image by Marius Masalar


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